I still don’t know how anyone affords anything ever. I don’t know how my parents had any money to raise me what the hell. How does the Economic work?


hey so

what’s appalling is not that a bankruptcy judge in detroit ruled that there is no right to clean drinking water

it’s that you live in a country and under a system where there is, in fact, no right to clean drinking water

The new Yelle video has a lot of black ppl vogueing and I like her, but it feels weird and appropriative. idk idk idk 

Title: Kiss Me قبِّليني Artist: Ja'afar Hassan جعفر حسن 1,076 plays


Kiss Me قبّليني is originally a revolutionary Iranian song مرا ببوس dating back to the late 1940s/early 1950s written by poet and political activist Haidar Riqabi حيدر رقابى (aka Halah هاله) and sung by Hasan Golnaraghi حسن گلنراقى; there is a very beautiful and haunting home video of him singing it with friends dating back to 1992. Some sources claim that the lyrics were meant as a letter from a father to his daughter prior to his execution by the Shah’s government. Here, Iraqi musician Ja’afar Hassan is heard singing it in Arabic at a cultural event in 2004 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Kiss me through the phone by soulja boy is a Palestinian song about the wall

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If Ice Cube remade “Today Was a Good Day”, it would be about not getting into any fights on social media / getting a ton of likes


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Don’t apologize for what you’ve done - I’m saying this 
in secret. I say to my personal other: 
Here all of your memories are visible: 
Midday ennui in a cat’s somnolence, 
the cock’s comb, 
a scent of sage, 
mother’s coffee, 
a straw mat with pillows, 
the iron door to your room, 
a fly buzzing around Socrates, 
the cloud above Plato, 
Diwan al-Hamasa, 
father’s photograph, 
Mu’jam al-Buldan, 
your three brothers and three sisters, 
your childhood friends - 
and a klatch of meddlers: 
'Is that him?' 
The witnesses disagree: 
'It seems to be.' 
I ask: 
'And who is he?' 
I get no answer. 
I whisper to my other: 
'Is he the one that was you… that was me?' 
He looks away. 
The witnesses turn to my mother to confirm 
he is me and 
she readies herself to sing 
her unique song: 
'I'm the one who bore him, 
but the wind brought him up.’ 
And I say to my other: ‘Don’t apologize, except to your mother.’ 

"Don’t Apologize for What You’ve Done," Mahmoud Darwish

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Stendhal Syndrome is real

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I accidentally took this slow mo video of these bros in front of me high-fiving and it’s strangely dramatic and existential?

The last time I was at a Dodger’s game was for @thecoreythecorey’s birthday in 5th grade vs the Colorado Rockies #nofilter #thesports #games #balls #gendertrouble #skyline #losangeles #la (at Dodger Stadium)