Kool AD’s latest drawing is incredible


But these black YSL high tops

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This Selena pic reminds me of Twigs. FKA Twigs = Selena mixed with Lisa Left Eye Lopez, with a touch of Bauhaus and a hint of Aaliyah.

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Jean Paul Satire

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I like the long charming handsome nose on this high speed train

Forever dolphin love

Scheherazade w/ @caturdaay (at Hollywood Bowl)

It’s pretty incredible —- for example, my roommate forgot to pay rent and is totally nonchalant about it. Like it’s nbd. Despite landlord being super stern, they’re just like “oh I was busy and I couldn’t leave work” oops. 

And I’m like, umm. What planet do you live on. please smoke less weed and join the rest of us in the world of responsibilities and accountability. 

I simultaneously loathe/hate and envy people who have a low threshold for anxiety. People who are either naive, too comfortable, perpetually stoned, or not giving a shit.