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Les Fleurs du Mal par Charles Baudelaire; illustrations de Carlo Farneti.

Gibert Jeune
Librairie d’Amateurs
61, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 61 
Paris [France], 1935

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Portait of Ekaterina Svanidze, Stalin’s first wife - by Justin Ehrlich

Ekaterina died at the age of 22. In an apocryphal story, Stalin is reported to have said at her funeral that “This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity.”


Tehran, Iran - Early 1990s.

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One of the stranger episodes of history is how the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to support a brutal and secular dictatorship in Syria that looks a lot like the brutal secular dictatorship the Islamic Revolution in Iran deposed (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi).

Tragedy and farce at the same damn time

A french word for hippie and anti-establishment leftist is ‘Baba Cool’ - portmanteau of the Central Asian/Middle Eastern word for father (Baba) and ‘Cool’


Opening in LA- Contemporary Iranian Photography