I got one of them sunglass clip-ons and as long as i don’t smile i won’t be a goofy kermit and instead some mysterious mystical magick gurl in LA

This mix of Googoosh’ Man O To. 

Simple and full of Gham. 

Shot out to other ‘only children’ borne to immigrant parents. Some real orphanhood. I see you. 

Phil’s Internet Cafe & Sweepstakes

Highland Park, CA - An optical boutique named after Guy Debord’s classic work (at Society of the Spectacle)

The gay villain Adrian Brody buckles or the classic oxford? Advice plzp>

the edge of the continent (at Santa Monica Palisades Park)

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Van Persie is so hot, and he’s really not my type, but he looks extra cute here with his gay flappy arms. 

and idk if I want to practice a good deconstructive reading of is last name, I can pretend that Van Persie is originally from ‘Von Persisch’, meaning “of the Persian” … because he’s of me and he’s mine. qt 

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