Reading about on the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech and…

"After a brief involvement in Marxism, in 1939 Parsons converted to the English occultist Aleister Crowley's new religious movement, Thelema […]”

Lmao. That’s my trajectory. From Marxism to the Occult.


Sketch of Algerian Revolutionary Djamila Boupacha (1961) done by Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso. The sketch was used as the cover for a book written by Gisele Halimi, Simone de Beauvoir, and others in defence of Djamila and her cause.

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I always marvel at the ways in which non-white children survive a White supremacist U.S. culture that preys on them. I am equally in awe of the way in which queer children navigate a homophobic public sphere that would rather they did not exist.

José Muñoz

"The aim of this study was to describe mental reactions and coping strategies among children of torture victims. The study comprised 11 children from 5 exiled families with at least one of the parents having been subjected to torture. Investigation methods applied were qualitative interviews in three different settings and two projective tests. The children were anxious, depressive, and regressive. Moreover, they presented psychosomatic symptoms, sleep disorders, and family and school problems. The children’s ways of dealing with their experiences were divided into four main coping strategies: (a) isolation and withdrawal, (b) mental flight, (c) eagerness to acclimatize, and (d) strength of will and fighting. A lack of flexibility in the children’s development of coping strategies was mainly explained by the strength of challenges in the families’ overall situation before and after escape and exilation. A lack of openness about imprisonment and torture seemed to be an essential way of parental coping. The observation methods chosen all proved to be applicable and informative. Moreover, the qualitative interview showed to be the crucial method."

I still move between A/B/C/D …

I think I was around 10 years old when an uncle first told me that not only are we not like other Americans, but that we aren’t like other immigrants. It made an incredibly lonely experience even lonelier. It was the first time I first heard the word refugee in farsi and learned what it meant in English. Later, in my teens, I would learn the word exile to describe this experience. 


Les Fleurs du Mal par Charles Baudelaire; illustrations de Carlo Farneti.

Gibert Jeune
Librairie d’Amateurs
61, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 61 
Paris [France], 1935

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Portait of Ekaterina Svanidze, Stalin’s first wife - by Justin Ehrlich

Ekaterina died at the age of 22. In an apocryphal story, Stalin is reported to have said at her funeral that “This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity.”


Tehran, Iran - Early 1990s.

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One of the stranger episodes of history is how the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to support a brutal and secular dictatorship in Syria that looks a lot like the brutal secular dictatorship the Islamic Revolution in Iran deposed (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi).

Tragedy and farce at the same damn time

A french word for hippie and anti-establishment leftist is ‘Baba Cool’ - portmanteau of the Central Asian/Middle Eastern word for father (Baba) and ‘Cool’