The last time I was at a Dodger’s game was for @thecoreythecorey’s birthday in 5th grade vs the Colorado Rockies #nofilter #thesports #games #balls #gendertrouble #skyline #losangeles #la (at Dodger Stadium)

Yo I love NY… But it’s hilarious how some folks think of it as this sacred site of the avant-garde , uncontaminated by capital. It’s like, the ‘culture industry’ has as much of a foot there as LA London etc.

Frank O’Hara is not gonna spoon feed you opium.

I love fashion week


This book is full of fucking shit!!

I’ve made a few eschatology <—-> scatology jokes in my day but ok

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;a mismatched thing

Many missed matches

A mistranslated authority  

all the author(s)’ 

A slippery and elusive nurturing

Gratifying then you ingratiate
guilty gratitude you fucking ingrate
Curate cite hate after citations and then prostrate


When you’re young you have to fake control, and when you’re old you have to fake energy.

Salman Rushdie on writing and editing at “The Writer’s Life” panel at the 2014 Brooklyn Book Festival (via yeahwriters)

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Alex PragerCompulsion, 2012

I’m so into Alex Prager right now


by alexprager

This is bullshit