Last Night’s Party (at Heart And Dagger)

"If someone says his work is art, it’s art"

So there’s a nondescript spot by my work that makes boolgogi chimichangas


John RuskinPeacock Feather1877

I’m At a whole foods in pasadena and there’s a bar with happy hour and a band why


Ana Mendieta 


I cannot

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Jean Ledru

"Donner à voir", circa 1965

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Man Ray, Matisse, Bonnard, Duchamp, Breton, Cocteau, Joyce, Benjamin, Beauvoir - photographs by Gisèle Freund. 

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I got one of them sunglass clip-ons and as long as i don’t smile i won’t be a goofy kermit and instead some mysterious mystical magick gurl in LA