I met this old man at the supermarket. He asked me if I was going up the hill, I said no. He asked for a lift and I said yes.

First thing he says is “I’m x i turn 85 years old on Wednesday and I’m gonna have a bitch come over and sit on my face”

… He said all these outrageous things like how he “fucked Marilyn Monroe” and was in a movie with Brando and won a Grammy.

I went home and looked him up and he did. Turns out he did and has a lengthy imdb page. He’s super washed out and lonely and asked for my number but what an interesting night


Wishing all our friends a happy Norooz / Persian New Year and spring :) (Image by Azar Emdadi) 

What’s the difference between a salary and a bribe?

Johannesburg Mines by Langston Hughes


In the Johannesburg mines
There are 240,000 natives working.

What kind of poem
Would you make out of that?

240,000 natives working
In the Johannesburg mines. 

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- Roland Barthes

A really nice trail right by my house!


Faig Ahmed / Carpets

Faig Ahmed (1982, Azerbaijan) is an Baku based, mixed media artist. He distorts and rearranges the traditional eastern carpet patterns; and creates contemporary art pieces; hand-made carpets, paintings, installations and sculptural forms.

Bakü’de yaşayan Faig Ahmed (1982, Azerbaijan) karışık medya sanatçısıdır. Geleneksel doğu halı desenlerini bozan ve yeniden düzenleyen sanatçı, bu desenleri kullanarak el yapımı halılar, resimler ve yerleştirmeler gibi çağdaş sanat eserleri yaratıyor.



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A while back I made a playlist dedicated to honey/bees.

Have any suggestions to add?



Woman and Serpent  

Odilon Redon

New year’s resolution: listen to more 2pac