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Asking someone what their hobbies are and what they do for fun is a very intense, direct question.

Responses can be anything from a trivial and rehearsed answer, to existential dread.

It can even be an incredibly invasive and triggering question.

It can bring people to think about their mortality… why am I living, what am I living for?

So. What do you do for fun?

Venice Oil Fields, ca. 1930. Courtesy of University of Southern California, on behalf of the USC Libraries Special Collections.

In December of 1929, the Ohio Oil Company struck oil in Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The cozy beachfront town built by Abbot Kinney after its namesake in Italy was transformed into an industrial factory. Within 3 years, there were over 350 Wells in operation and most of the oil was tapped. The majority of the wells were capped between the 1940s and 1970s, with the last of them dismantled in the 90s. 

Skeletons in the closet and ghosts in/of a machine. 

My young son asks me: Should I learn mathematics?
What for, I’m inclined to say. That two bits of bread are more than one
You’ll notice anyway

My young son asks me: Should I learn French?
What for, I’m inclined to say. That empire is going under.
Just rub your hand across your belly and groan
And you’ll be understood.

My young son asks me: Should I learn history?
What for, I’m inclined to say. Learn to stick your head in the ground
Then maybe you’ll survive.

Yes, learn mathematics, I tell him
Learn French, learn history!

Bertolt Brecht

Even though I made that last post, I’m still into L’art pour l’art and there’s a lot of pleasure in formalism.


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What if the immigrant never finds a new place?

Marlon James

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